Wednesday, January 27, 2010


hulamak...few days jor ..xD>>>>>>>> wow...coollllege a..banyaknya kerja nak buat ==...
so many things to do leh..sei lor...
assignment @@..start to stress..although its easy stuff==..xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

won't give up! IEST TEST!..i "M WAITING FOR U!.....

my life sucks..but i quite like college friendship life..its more better den da secondary life==/!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


wahhhhhhhhhhh............cuttttttt jorrrrr new hairstyle.!!!!!!!!!! SO DAM SHORT A!!!!


Friday, January 22, 2010


okies..3rd day of college..being damn tired man @@..exhausted @@...was !

9.30am reaching at class n waiting for super mahmud i guess my spelling is correct =)..xD..GM of jw mariott hotel ..! WOW

he gave a long long long long long speech...which quite hard to understand his english but i manage to get what he mean by his speech..*LUCKY*

after that went for lunch..eww..mee/mee hon soup/ friend rice* ikan bilis*..eww..i hate ikan bilis T_T...decided to eat mee soup better ...took too much :P

oh ear is like stucking again..medicine like never help me ==....i niiidd help ahhh !!...

went to jw mariott n de riitzzz carlton !..went to those secrets n high class part =)..not mentioning it :P...haha.! quite nice there as price also dam nice==..lols !...

every1 was keep taking pic leh energytic meh all..haha...sot plak edi le la @@...

hmm..was feeling like...y i talking to ppl..some like didn't wan to choi me..eww..but nvm...try my best again==...dun wanna back to my old new life..i've to be brave as well @@ grrr

Thursday, January 21, 2010


oh gosh..2nd day of college :P

1st day was din even knew that i met my old friend @@ jake yip !! from mbs geh wo~~how lucky r fate in dis world r so small ..kaka==... dad's my leg with a deep cut on d ankle..pain a pain a T_T TOLONG!!grr..i promise myself never wear that shoe again !!!

today,21/1/10..2nd day of college...we have some fun there knowing each other well...they're exchanging phone number while i oni has KELVIN"s one !! grr..lols...nvm...get it in future =)..xD

Mr.Desmond organize a games for us !!@@..all of us were tiring n some just..u know la..lazy 1..:D:D....Mr. Gavin ask me to dance T_T...its been so long time i never dance edi ...tiba'm so tiring life is better den secondary :P:P but secondary seems ok lor...haha !!

will continue posting when i've da free time =)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Selling Maple Eq

Maple Magician Shield tma 5 9 slot

23int zak helm 2 slot RM130

15 tma pink flowered earrings. RM20

23int 4luk lvl 98 overall RM75

int 4 owl mask RM25


5dex dog mouth. RM62.5

wa3 dex 8 pink cape RM200

24dex 5 str blue arzuna RM75

wa10 work gloves RM20

dex 12 green arnah shoes RM50

wa96 gandiva bow RM42.5

dex10 int 5 gold emerald earrings. RMRM37.5

anything u wan..tell me =)...i selling all in RM...=)...leave name =).. msn me if can !

Friday, January 15, 2010


Any idea looks alike a??? got ppl say looks alike leh ..makes me happy little

11 ppl say looks like
2 ppl say not looks like

ee...went to see de uncle dis morning to check my ear...yucks...dried up de shit...

nowonder my ear stuck==...after he did everything..i paid better le

once i reached home again...deng..again cannot listen..what's wrong wif my ear==?

Thursday, January 14, 2010


hehe..another day pass...just got back my cpu..went to REFRESH da much dusk

like hair surround it ..eee....

got an answer from answer T_T....sadly den life getting near le T_T yerrrrrr sad a T_T....

hope can know more fren in college =)

fever,flu,ear something wrong..cannot listen properly.. T_T !! sAD SAD

Sunday, January 10, 2010


another day is going to pass..what would it be?

why can't she believe me ? she keep though i'm lying around ??

a heart sick would never been cure...age i got to know more about

heart !

isit a heart is so important ? rather i die on it? wow !? omg .. i dun wan any of u

suffer behind me,i wan u all to happy as alwiz.

no1 knows what happen to me except u!...only u know what happen to me n i told u b4.

but please dun ever say i lie !...

now i'm 18,once i study finish my course it will be the end...end of all it !

i hope u'll be happy with ur new 1 =)...enjoy ur life...good luck SPM=)....

!! that's all !! *continue tonight *


it was such a nice day today, good weather, great wind blow of cooling de hot day. but...y i am being so moody? isit i knew some truth?

am i born to being used by ppl? or like a dog? y does people being so happily..i tried to being friendly but still no1 who cares for it.

isit must like dis treat me? life is it so miserable? aihx...dam being moody

i wan u! i wan u! but doesn't have de chance...can give me a chance ?

college is starting on de 20th...can i have better feelings ? i wanna express my feelings out !.........

but how do i ?? just wanna be myself also hard !

boy have pimple isit will die a? have pimple den wad also cannot ? have pimple den cannot wan liao ? must beauty only A?