Sunday, December 4, 2011


it's 8 months, 8 MONTHS i did not update my blog, it's time for me to update it now=)

in this past 8 months, was busy for college life, my own life, and industrial training life;D

It was my luck that my sem 6 exams pass all, i just do hope now i'm going to 8th sems, i hope it goes well too. last 3 months i was in Pangkor Laut Resort for my industrial training, really glad that college sent me to PLR for my training, as i gain lots and lots of experience ! as well, lots of trouble happens too, but it's alright i guess, i'm not smart enough to be myself=)

I hope that i did great YEAH! after my internship, went to Krabi,Thailand for my first time ever travel, everything was great until i got SUNBURN, regret never brought and bought sunblock==!! my first time ever snorkeling, was FUN and eye-opening, YEAH!

So far i think that's all=)
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