Thursday, October 21, 2010


S>mosiang id...lvl 37, 6 real,pohun end,1 lvl 10...offer me=) english server

S>maple id ..max lvl, full item, lvl 200, lvl 12x (BM), lvl 7x(FM char), 500 sgd/Rm1k...or offer me..thanks

Anything can contact me for details!, face to face meet, or bank in=),,,no lie,no scam thanks=)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

october? wow..

its been a time since i never update my blog==!...many things had just happened around me, not really understand, y do ppl always like to say around n not dare to say infront huh?

well, few subject in college n i failed 2, bobs and bc,but then so? a failure means there's a success, keep success what will u learn? shit face? who's the shit face huh? always say ppl don't post thing at fb, now ownself post more den people, never keep the words while i already stop n post my own stuff, also u nid to care? so many things u nid to care, go n care ur important stuffs 1st,,,

fail bobs, just 1 reason that u would knew it...lecturer sent u note and u sent to others n not to few of us...what do u think it will be huh? selfish? just give own frens? but while i have tips n everything i would have share together and together all happy pass...but U? just thinking abt ownself, think ur own frens, backstabbing people, last time u all might think that i always judge people but never judge back myself, perhaps, i've done my thing now to change myself, but U? did u ever change since last time? infront being so GOOD, behind saying people SLUT?

People ain't stupid or blind u dumbass, try to be more positive in ur way of thinking and stop doing what u do, i dun even care u say i've shit face or fuck face, say whatever u like, i can't stop u, but, care for what came out from ur mouth to get pay back in future from the GOD...God knows what we did, what we do, good luck to u den..

i hope that, u'll wake up and stop this SHITS , thanks ya=)
What i post on fb, doesn't really matter, matter is, the fb is mine and i never talk abt u, so please stop talking abt people

Currently training at the The RITZ-CARLTON since august, nerhx i found out it was quite fun though, i thought it would be bored, but, guess what, knew out a lots of frenss there =)...they share experiences with me, tell me, teach me,guide me what to do n what not to do=) great to have them as frens

that's all from me...