Tuesday, February 14, 2012


ho ho ho, hello everyone, another day of thinking to post my blog.
nowadays was busy for assignments, reports, exams, tests and all ~ it's going to be crazy for this things happen...
today is valentine's day, well it's just a normal day for me to do assignments and reports.
well i do wish i have someone to have an outing with me..hahahaha!

I promised myself that i won't say bad words anymore ! I'll personally slap myself if i do say bad words

To "someone", please bare in mind you are younger than me and don't think you are the best because you are a girl... you are just a childish girl that just know how to hypocrite around and back stab people. But when you know people back stab you, you are shouting like a kid like no people business and just keep going near to the person you like and doing all those childish things. Please, you not tired i also tired of your ACT, we have our right and we have our limits, please stop all your nonsense, asking people don't friend someone, i promise not to say bad words but this bad words for u..FUCK U!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


it's 8 months, 8 MONTHS i did not update my blog, it's time for me to update it now=)

in this past 8 months, was busy for college life, my own life, and industrial training life;D

It was my luck that my sem 6 exams pass all, i just do hope now i'm going to 8th sems, i hope it goes well too. last 3 months i was in Pangkor Laut Resort for my industrial training, really glad that college sent me to PLR for my training, as i gain lots and lots of experience ! as well, lots of trouble happens too, but it's alright i guess, i'm not smart enough to be myself=)

I hope that i did great YEAH! after my internship, went to Krabi,Thailand for my first time ever travel, everything was great until i got SUNBURN, regret never brought and bought sunblock==!! my first time ever snorkeling, was FUN and eye-opening, YEAH!

So far i think that's all=)
feel free to visit my facebook=) ^^ ... =)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

URgent Selling

Wanna buy car models? kindly refer to my album for more info and price=)

buy more,combine discount available =) thanks !

Thursday, May 5, 2011

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ok..what is geekybids??? let me explain to u

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Its been time

Its been time i never update my blog, and yet i'm updating it now ya...
its been like 2 months having one relationship...goooooddddddddddddddddd!

found out a website... where u can win items there by just bidding.... wanna register huh? kindly just register by this link... u can register and get free bids to get ur luck to get the item ...purchase bids and bids all u like, luck to win,,,congratulations....!

just have to resit again for 3 subjects..iahx !

Saturday, November 20, 2010


just dis morning finished Resit of beverage, woots, great time just finished d its time for business com resit to get ready=),.....I dun wanna get fail anything ever again !

To those ppl who SO GOOD IN MAKING STORY = please fuk off from me, dun make me get on fire n u know wad i'll do,,,assh0le.... saying people childish n who's child now ? dare post dun dare f2f me? own class also wan make wad u get for it...
Jesus knew the truth...STORY MAKER ASSH0lE!!

nthg much to post sine da last post, just that i nid $$....selling my game id...those who intereste..kindly contact me asap ya....needa get new things soon =) ...please do contact please !..

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Selling Maple id:
Main ID
lvl 200- Bishop With full items,wiseman medal
-gene30,mw20,every skill max .
-full item..reverse shoe,reverse staff/lots of medals
-400m mesos game $$
-Asiasoft provided

lvl 128-Bowmaster with some godly item :P
-helm bomb master 30,soa master 20
-scrolled shoe,overall,glove,medals,dog mouth,pink cape

lvl 7x -as an FM character :P
-used to open shop n so on=)

Auction for this id please=) bid on RM930 start..singaporean
are welcome too for auction=) bank in to Maybank,leave ur offer/ MSN =)

S>mosiang id...lvl 37, 6 real,pohun end,1 lvl 10...offer me=) english server
Again same with Maple, find me in msn/leave offer/ or face to face=)

its been long time i never post, hate to face those ppl who keep showing face , i changed myself while u r changing again to another person that u all hate last time n now u be like de person...f off man...

Saturday, November 6, 2010


wow...its been time passsing so fast la....ip gonna finish soon..resit exam coming soon @@..lols..

To those who interested to buy my game id..please contact me pls !

hmm...well well well..tired la...all those department @

Thursday, October 21, 2010


S>mosiang id...lvl 37, 6 real,pohun end,1 lvl 10...offer me=) english server

S>maple id ..max lvl, full item, lvl 200, lvl 12x (BM), lvl 7x(FM char), 500 sgd/Rm1k...or offer me..thanks

Anything can contact me for details!, face to face meet, or bank in=),,,no lie,no scam thanks=)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

october? wow..

its been a time since i never update my blog==!...many things had just happened around me, not really understand, y do ppl always like to say around n not dare to say infront huh?

well, few subject in college n i failed 2, bobs and bc,but then so? a failure means there's a success, keep success what will u learn? shit face? who's the shit face huh? always say ppl don't post thing at fb, now ownself post more den people, never keep the words while i already stop n post my own stuff, also u nid to care? so many things u nid to care, go n care ur important stuffs 1st,,,

fail bobs, just 1 reason that u would knew it...lecturer sent u note and u sent to others n not to few of us...what do u think it will be huh? selfish? just give own frens? but while i have tips n everything i would have share together and together all happy pass...but U? just thinking abt ownself, think ur own frens, backstabbing people, last time u all might think that i always judge people but never judge back myself, perhaps, i've done my thing now to change myself, but U? did u ever change since last time? infront being so GOOD, behind saying people SLUT?

People ain't stupid or blind u dumbass, try to be more positive in ur way of thinking and stop doing what u do, i dun even care u say i've shit face or fuck face, say whatever u like, i can't stop u, but, care for what came out from ur mouth to get pay back in future from the GOD...God knows what we did, what we do, good luck to u den..

i hope that, u'll wake up and stop this SHITS , thanks ya=)
What i post on fb, doesn't really matter, matter is, the fb is mine and i never talk abt u, so please stop talking abt people

Currently training at the The RITZ-CARLTON since august, nerhx i found out it was quite fun though, i thought it would be bored, but, guess what, knew out a lots of frenss there =)...they share experiences with me, tell me, teach me,guide me what to do n what not to do=) great to have them as frens

that's all from me...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


so many things had happen btw something....what was it ? how to solve ? y can't just leave n just be back self ? think like a child?aihx...

The month of is 1st of july....the month of stress has arrive...on this day itself will be ACCOUNT QUIZ..Tomorrow will be RITZ carlton interview...SATURDAY n SUNDAY is KRISHNA house doing COOK OFF test out, MONDAY is HYGIENE MID TERM, following thursday will be COCKTAIL PRACTIKAL for 1st group, needa do CULTURE assignment presentation also !...COOK OFF in 2 or 3 WEEKS time

SIEN! die lor ! so many things to stress T_T ....god please help me !