Wednesday, June 30, 2010


so many things had happen btw something....what was it ? how to solve ? y can't just leave n just be back self ? think like a child?aihx...

The month of is 1st of july....the month of stress has arrive...on this day itself will be ACCOUNT QUIZ..Tomorrow will be RITZ carlton interview...SATURDAY n SUNDAY is KRISHNA house doing COOK OFF test out, MONDAY is HYGIENE MID TERM, following thursday will be COCKTAIL PRACTIKAL for 1st group, needa do CULTURE assignment presentation also !...COOK OFF in 2 or 3 WEEKS time

SIEN! die lor ! so many things to stress T_T ....god please help me !

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22/6/2010... long din update blog..its time to update again =)

well so far so good i guess..
just that my personal thingy makes my future now ... omg man== hurts alot

well...finished my K.O= kitchen operation AKA QUIZ/MID-TERM/EXAM/DIE LA U ALL exam??? lols by MR COLLIN !...well..not too tough..was ok for me i guess since i woke up 5am to study @@...tired sei.. hahax!

well..The - A- Team..went to watch wif ANNIE ~? lols...nice show..for me its btr den any other movie .
So do KARATE KID...was the best man !....wif KK, Wisely, Ching Mun,Michelle,Mei yeng, Luo quan n as well myself ...hahax !.....IT class cancel n we went !~...not bad..good evening enjoyable wif them...

coming saturday and sunday which is 26 n 27, our class MELAKA trip..hope to enjoy there n drunk more !~~..wooo !!

well well well, exams, assignment, quizes, n alots more r coming up !...hope to cope wif it n finished up all in time principle ~...finish the job b4 the date line...must be the best =)..wohoo~