Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22/6/2010... long din update blog..its time to update again =)

well so far so good i guess..
just that my personal thingy makes my future now ... omg man== hurts alot

well...finished my K.O= kitchen operation AKA QUIZ/MID-TERM/EXAM/DIE LA U ALL exam??? lols by MR COLLIN !...well..not too tough..was ok for me i guess since i woke up 5am to study @@...tired sei.. hahax!

well..The - A- Team..went to watch wif ANNIE ~? lols...nice show..for me its btr den any other movie .
So do KARATE KID...was the best man !....wif KK, Wisely, Ching Mun,Michelle,Mei yeng, Luo quan n as well myself ...hahax !.....IT class cancel n we went !~...not bad..good evening enjoyable wif them...

coming saturday and sunday which is 26 n 27, our class MELAKA trip..hope to enjoy there n drunk more !~~..wooo !!

well well well, exams, assignment, quizes, n alots more r coming up !...hope to cope wif it n finished up all in time principle ~...finish the job b4 the date line...must be the best =)..wohoo~