Sunday, March 14, 2010


To all hate me de person,
Please do know that ur act r dam childish=). If wanna talk about me y dun face me by meet-ing up me? How old r u guys? Don't think i duno who all of u...

As well, see in court o.o? i'm waiting=)...please come meet me have a talk b4 wanan go to a real court, and also when meet, call all ur parents come too please =)...i wanted to wish them HAPPY CNY=)...I don't mind u all hate me, but stop ruin-ing my life..thanks =)...

Think Ahead for future=)...Future is urs=)...
The End,

back to my blogging stuff :P , wow..been 2 months d in college leh ~ Getting new VEST, New pants, new blazer(soon), new tie..thanks college=)
Thanks Mr.Desmond for scolding about my grooming ( i promised i will change),
Thanks Mr.Gavin for teaching me alot of new things that hotel environment should do(i did changed d:P) ,and
thanks to all lecturer for guiding=)..n i'll never forget,
SENIORS n DIP 1/10~~~Thanks for all guide=)

April DIP 2/10 coming soon, hehe..DIp1/10 going to welcome them,,ahh abit scare=X....hope i never fail to do , n to be more professional^^....try our BEST DIP 1/10~~ never give up~!

17/3/10= I.T quiz, Moral Mid-term
18/3/10= Account Quiz
23/3/10= Housekeeping Assessment
1/4/10 = S.M.I.L.E class presentation (Hilton Hotel, KL Sentral)
^^(Good Luck everyone)^^