Tuesday, February 14, 2012


ho ho ho, hello everyone, another day of thinking to post my blog.
nowadays was busy for assignments, reports, exams, tests and all ~ it's going to be crazy for this things happen...
today is valentine's day, well it's just a normal day for me to do assignments and reports.
well i do wish i have someone to have an outing with me..hahahaha!

I promised myself that i won't say bad words anymore ! I'll personally slap myself if i do say bad words

To "someone", please bare in mind you are younger than me and don't think you are the best because you are a girl... you are just a childish girl that just know how to hypocrite around and back stab people. But when you know people back stab you, you are shouting like a kid like no people business and just keep going near to the person you like and doing all those childish things. Please, you not tired i also tired of your ACT, we have our right and we have our limits, please stop all your nonsense, asking people don't friend someone, i promise not to say bad words but this bad words for u..FUCK U!