Tuesday, February 9, 2010


going to be cny...4 more days oni le !!

but its like freaking no mood now !....

what isit happen to me?? reminding of my past now...why is it like dis???

i'm trying to be happy......i just wanna be happy n friends wif everyone...

i dun wanna care it d....i just wanna be a friendly person...!!!... i dun wanna have sad life again n again n again from last time !!....i dun wanna care it !!

please FUCK OFF if u 're hate me ...or dun like me !!....dun face in my eye ....

pissed off from me if i'm fan-ing honest wif me !!..if not...bye den...

!!! take care !

Happy cny everyone

Happy birthday Michelle(from college)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


going to cny soon...not bad huh?? ang pao mari mari !

college oni off for 2 days..but i dun mind..i rather study more den at hometown=x those ppl who dun like me...FUCK OFF FROM MY EYESIGHT !


training back dota again n again @@..i noobie la..xD..

Start to have alot assignment lehh sei lor !!

so many type of "GLASS" to remember..BRANDY, wow !!....alot la ...sei 4....... T_T

Jia YOu all college mate n jiejie who having exam !