Thursday, January 21, 2010


oh gosh..2nd day of college :P

1st day was din even knew that i met my old friend @@ jake yip !! from mbs geh wo~~how lucky r fate in dis world r so small ..kaka==... dad's my leg with a deep cut on d ankle..pain a pain a T_T TOLONG!!grr..i promise myself never wear that shoe again !!!

today,21/1/10..2nd day of college...we have some fun there knowing each other well...they're exchanging phone number while i oni has KELVIN"s one !! grr..lols...nvm...get it in future =)..xD

Mr.Desmond organize a games for us !!@@..all of us were tiring n some just..u know la..lazy 1..:D:D....Mr. Gavin ask me to dance T_T...its been so long time i never dance edi ...tiba'm so tiring life is better den secondary :P:P but secondary seems ok lor...haha !!

will continue posting when i've da free time =)


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