Friday, January 22, 2010


okies..3rd day of college..being damn tired man @@..exhausted @@...was !

9.30am reaching at class n waiting for super mahmud i guess my spelling is correct =)..xD..GM of jw mariott hotel ..! WOW

he gave a long long long long long speech...which quite hard to understand his english but i manage to get what he mean by his speech..*LUCKY*

after that went for lunch..eww..mee/mee hon soup/ friend rice* ikan bilis*..eww..i hate ikan bilis T_T...decided to eat mee soup better ...took too much :P

oh ear is like stucking again..medicine like never help me ==....i niiidd help ahhh !!...

went to jw mariott n de riitzzz carlton !..went to those secrets n high class part =)..not mentioning it :P...haha.! quite nice there as price also dam nice==..lols !...

every1 was keep taking pic leh energytic meh all..haha...sot plak edi le la @@...

hmm..was feeling like...y i talking to ppl..some like didn't wan to choi me..eww..but nvm...try my best again==...dun wanna back to my old new life..i've to be brave as well @@ grrr


Xia XY - My Blahs said...

don't ask me how i get through your blog ;) i'm just good at spying :D

this is ur cousin angeline =)

its nice to see that u're in the hotel industry, just like me, bet its a lot of fun and lots of challenges right? it takes a very strong person to get into this industry, i know u can do it.

and as for those haters out there, just don't give a fuck of what they think, believe in yourself, be strong and u're on the way to be a better person, alrite? love the way u handle this situation, never let this small matter bring you down, okay?

i wish you the best of luck in your studies, love ur family, treasure ur true friends, and remember, work hard, harder and the hardest, u will know how rewarding it is when u succeed ;)