Sunday, January 10, 2010


it was such a nice day today, good weather, great wind blow of cooling de hot day. but...y i am being so moody? isit i knew some truth?

am i born to being used by ppl? or like a dog? y does people being so happily..i tried to being friendly but still no1 who cares for it.

isit must like dis treat me? life is it so miserable? aihx...dam being moody

i wan u! i wan u! but doesn't have de chance...can give me a chance ?

college is starting on de 20th...can i have better feelings ? i wanna express my feelings out !.........

but how do i ?? just wanna be myself also hard !

boy have pimple isit will die a? have pimple den wad also cannot ? have pimple den cannot wan liao ? must beauty only A?