Thursday, May 5, 2011

about geekybids register here)

ok..what is geekybids??? let me explain to u

this geekybids is actually an auction of brand new top-name products at bargain prices, usually at 60% to 90% off the retail price. BELIEVE ME!!
Why not take a minute to browse through our current penny auctions, buy bids to get started and Win. I believe everyone have their luck^^=)
You can register for free, got free 10 bids trial

OK, how to win an item? its simple and me also..let me teach u step by step
1. All auctions start at RM0.00
2. You then place a bid
3. Each bid you place will increase the current price by RM0.01
4. The countdown timer resets everytime a new bid is placed.
5. If the countdown timer reaches 0:00:00 and no new bids are placed, then the last bidder wins the right to buy the product at the final price.
6. The winner of the auction gets back 100% of his bids as well.

Ok, how to buy bids? you can go to the website, register, and buy the bids package...REMEMBER!!!!! The more bids you buy at once, the more you save

REMEMBER!, Each person is only allowed to register for 1 account. Additional accounts created under the same person will be termindated.

Come and have a look on this web ya =) buy bids and win item ~ I believe everyone will have luck !