Saturday, November 13, 2010


Selling Maple id:
Main ID
lvl 200- Bishop With full items,wiseman medal
-gene30,mw20,every skill max .
-full item..reverse shoe,reverse staff/lots of medals
-400m mesos game $$
-Asiasoft provided

lvl 128-Bowmaster with some godly item :P
-helm bomb master 30,soa master 20
-scrolled shoe,overall,glove,medals,dog mouth,pink cape

lvl 7x -as an FM character :P
-used to open shop n so on=)

Auction for this id please=) bid on RM930 start..singaporean
are welcome too for auction=) bank in to Maybank,leave ur offer/ MSN =)

S>mosiang id...lvl 37, 6 real,pohun end,1 lvl 10...offer me=) english server
Again same with Maple, find me in msn/leave offer/ or face to face=)

its been long time i never post, hate to face those ppl who keep showing face , i changed myself while u r changing again to another person that u all hate last time n now u be like de person...f off man...