Friday, November 27, 2009

PathWay Of Life

take good care everyone...its been a good chance of knowing all of u~...but its an end for me...tonight 28/11/09...1am+...there's oni LUCK or UNLUCKY in my pathway of live now...
Lucky: i'm alive n being fren wif u all again.
Un-Lucky: i'm either in da hell or heaven.
Remember, appreciate what u have n ur love,don't bcome like me being so stupid!...!
Rumous flood around,never goes to an end~ I just wish i have my life back
Where can get back the true life~Why can't people believe me?
i'm da 1 who being accuse...but why does u all go n believe n trust them?
Am i worth to stay in this earth? Maybe no~
i Just wanna be good n things clearly~why must problems appear~?
No matter how hard i settle it~it will still just the begining~never goes to an end! Y?
i just love u all~Remember~appreciate what u have n ur love~take care all~GoodBye.
My last word; Remember not to so trust ur close fren.

By: Yew Mun (28/11/09) 1.35am